Rebel coven of vampires determined to overthrow the Elders and have dominion over all other vampires, and presumably mankind as well. It is partly to protect them from the Fury that the Elders have send five young vampires, namely Drew, Merrill, Karl, Essie and Marty to Mansbridge Academy, in the hopes that under the Mansbridge Experiment they can learn to control their predatory instincts and live among humans in safety.


  • Only two of the Fury appear in the series and only in Dads and Monsters Ep.10, their leader Shakiri and an agent known only as the Revenant who is sent by the former to Mansbridge Academy to investigate rumors that the Elders are sheltering vampires there.
  • Apparently, the Fury are less human like in appearance than other vampires, except for the Elders like Vakaal , although they can camouflage themselves to appear like humans at will.