The EldersEdit

Mysterious coven of vampires which is also the oldest and most powerful, having dominion over all others around the world, with the exception of those in the Fury, the one coven opposed to them. During a secret war between the two rival factions ignited by a Great Eclipse for domination over the undead, the Elders in desperation have sent five young vampires to Mansbridge Academy, entrusting them to the care of Dr. Reginald Murdoch as part of the Mansbridge Experiment, in which they hope will train these vampires to change and control their natural predatory instinct, enabling them and eventually other vampires to co-exist with humans in safety.


  • With the exception of Vakaal, who acts as their go-between with Murdoch, we never really see the Elders, except fleetingly in the opening montage for the series. Ancient even by vampire standards, they are wise, and for the most part enlightened, but they will not tolerate any kind of subversion or potential threat to the secret of the existence of their kind from humans, which they guard ruthlessly.