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An unusual mortal girl who falls in love with a vampire, Drew. Like many of the students, she had been a troubled teen who had been bounced out of several schools before her estranged father finally sent her to Mansbridge Academy, the only school willing to take her. Before Drew came into her life, she had a relationship with fellow day student Nick McAllister, which she broke off because of his obnoxious, controlling personality. However, she appears to have some unresolved feelings for Nick because she doesn't completely ignore his endless attempts to renew their relationship. She eventually pairs with Drew, with tragic results. Right after Sherry finds out that Drew is a vampire, she develops appendicitis (which may or may not have caused by a jealous Merrill), her appendix bursting before an ambulance arrives. Drew attempts to turn her into a vampire to save her but before he can bite her, she dies.



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