Evil leader of the Fury, a powerful coven of vampires determined to overthrow the ruling coven known as the Elders, and have dominion over all the undead and presumably mankind as well.


  • Shakiri is the only one of two Fury members we actually see in the series, specifically Dads and Monsters Ep.10. He appears in an interview with one of his minions, namely the Revenant, the only other Fury we see, whom he sends to Mansbridge Academy to investigate reports of possible vampire activity involving the Elders. We are not told of his reaction when the Revenant fails to return, and we never hear from him or the Fury again, although they are still a potential threat.
  • Shakiri's face is never directly shown, but judging from his sinister, unearthly voice and hideously clawed hands, as well as the true appearance of his Fury spy, he must be terrifying to behold.