A trashy, trampy flirt of a vampire who is the Maker of Merrill Young. When she first took Merrill under her wing, Patsy became the vampire equivalent of a possessive Mother, alternately pampering her 'daughter' and treating her as a slave. Often when she hunted, Patsy would get Merrill to pose with her as a stranded mother and daughter in order to entrap sympathetic victims. Out of a guilty conscience, Merrill would allow Patsy to drain most of their victims' blood, then take what was left over, rationalizing that the victims were as good as dead anyway. One young victim however, turned out to be not quite dead after all, but Merrill finished her off anyway. The remorse she felt afterwards led her to run away from Patsy at last, but fifty years later at Mansbridge Academy, out of frustration over her unrequited love for Drew French, she sends out a mental distress signal to Patsy who comes running over to collect her. Eventually, Merrill regrets her decision and tells her Maker she has changed her mind, but Patsy, who shares her gift of mind reading, threatens to reveal all her daughter's private thoughts to Drew if she doesn't leave with her. The other vampires, Dr. Murdoch and ultimately, Vakaal intervene, the latter forcing Patsy to respect Merrill's wishes and leave her, wiping her memory of ever finding her and Mansbridge.


  • Patsy only appears in That's Why the Lady Is a Vamp Ep.06, and is referred to in The Summoning Ep. 13.
  • Besides mind reading, Patsy's other known powers include the ability to mentally force her victims down to the ground and hold them there indefinitely. Although she normally appears harmless and even somewhat comical, when Patsy is roused or made angry, she becomes a terrifying force to reckon with.