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Ex-boyfriend to Sherry Woods, his obsession with her is why he has a strong rivalry with Drew, even though the two never meet. A spoiled, mean and insensitive jock at Mansbridge Academy, he frequently bullies fellow student Malcolm Frye, whom he wrongly suspects of being Sherry's secret admirer.


  • Although it is not shown how Nick and Malcolm react to Sherry's death, it appears by the final two episodes (Blood Trip and Vampire's Patient) that an odd kind of bonding has developed between the two, possibly over the loss of Sherry in their lives.
  • Like Sherry, Nick's favorite snack is a chocolate treat called a "brownie bomb" (That's Why the Lady Is a Vamp).
  • Despite being a bully, Nick is no coward, as shown in the episode The Bleeding Frenzy when he stands his ground with a blood-crazed Marty and Essie, although he has no idea what he is really dealing with.