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Friend to Sherry and Mimi, bully magnet for Nick and resident computer whiz at Mansbridge Academy. A former classmate of Karl Todman's at Wrenfield High, Malcolm unwittingly causes trouble for the vampire students when he posts his sighting of the supposedly dead Karl at Mansbridge on the internet. Although a jealous Nick suspects him of being Sherry's secret admirer, Malcolm in actuality has a crush on government agent Marianne Hackett of the Biomorphic Predatory Diseases Agency (BPDA), of which he is an enthusiastic fan. He also has a fascination with vampires, ghosts, and the possibility of life after death.


  • According to his character bio on the original series website, despite his claims to his friends at Mansbridge that he likewise comes from wealthy parents, Malcolm is in fact the son of the school security guard, Dwight Frye.
  • We learn in Little Sister Ep. 16 that Malcolm had been good friends with Karl's little sister Amy when he was still attending Wrenfield and Karl was still alive. Misunderstanding Malcolm's intentions towards his little sister, her over-protective brother beat up Malcolm and stapled him to a tree.