Karl Todman
Vampire High - S01E14 - Odd Man Out 034 0001
Full Name Karl Todman
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Family Unnamed Mother

Amy Todman (sister)

Relationships Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Kills Unknown
Status Alive
First Episode Rules are Rules (S1, E1)
Last Episode Vampire's Patient (S1, E26)
Portrayed By Paul Hopkins

Karl is a newbie vampire who is easily led astray in the program, particularly by Marty Strickland. He looks up to Drew French and has a romantic relationship with Essie Rachimova. As the youngest of the vampires, having been turned a year before the program, Karl has the most trouble adapting to his situation, and often yearns for his old life.


Prior to becoming a vampire, he was a popular football player at his old high school, Wrenfield High, located a few miles from Mansbridge AcademyKarl's surviving relatives include his mother and a younger sister, Amy, whom he loves very much, to the point that he once stapled then classmate Malcolm Frye to a tree because of (false) reports Frye was trying to come on to her. When Karl finds an opportunity to reveal himself to his grieving sister a year after his "death", he changes his mind about doing so at the last moment and instead fools her into thinking that he is truly dead so that she can move on. His first two kills were his best friend and girlfriend (Carmen), draining the latter on the night of their school prom. An unknown vampire turned him on Halloween, and he joined the Mansbridge Experiment a year later.


Karl is shown to be cocky, and at first cruel, telling Dr. Reginald Murdoch he is a vampire, which means he is irredeemably evil. He later changes, when he develops feelings for Essie. He gets angry easily, especially when provoked by Marty, and particularly after he first gets The Chill. He looks up to Drew, who in spite of himself becomes like a mentor to him, giving him help when necessary and offering advice.


Karl being a vampire has several powers in addition to his own special "gift".

  • super strength(?)- it is shown he might have it, as he pushes Marty a distance away.
  • super speed- he is shown, like other vampires, to be able to move incredibly fast, faster than the human eye can follow.
  • hypnotic trance- it is hinted that, as Drew has demonstrated, he and the vampires can possibly put someone into a trance.
  • special power- it is implied that his gift is that he is stronger than most vampires, who generally have superhuman strength.