Security guard at Mansbridge Academy and father of Malcolm Frye. He is apparently eager and dedicated to his job, but obviously not very efficient as he never seems to be aware of the vampire students living underneath the school where he works, which may be why Dr. Murdoch employs him. He almost detects them once on tape through his security video camera, but they move so fast they just seem like a ripple. Nevertheless, he shows the video to Murdoch, who easily convinces him that he may have imagined the ripple, but confiscates the tape before he can examine it any further.


  • Although Dwight is frequently referred to in the series, he only appears in There's a New Vamp in Town Ep. 02.
  • He was obviously named after Dwight Frye, the actor who famously played Renfield, the madman who wanted to become a vampire, in the classic 1933 Universal film version of Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  • Due to some technical error, Rob Burns, the actor who played Dwight, was not credited for his actual appearance in There's a New Vamp in Town Ep. 02, but instead for A Grave Matter Ep.04.
  • According to Adam McDonald, the actor who played Nick McAllister, Dwight was supposed to appear in Dads and Monsters Ep.10 where he was to become possessed by the Revenant, but because of an injury befalling Rob Burns, the episode was hastily rewritten so that Nick becomes possessed instead. (This was probably also the episode that would have officially established Dwight as Malcolm's father, had things worked otherwise. In a way this was a pity, for had it been Dwight who got possessed by the Fury, it would have brought a double meaning to the episode title, Dads and Monsters.)