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A dark, silent and mysterious vampire who is the reluctant leader of the night students. Before he became a vampire back in the nineteenth century, he had been a mortal painter named Edward Vincente. Pressed into the Manbridge Experiment against his wish, he falls in love with a mortal student at Mansbridge Academy, Sherry, who Drew believes is his "One", a vampiric term referring to one's soul mate. Drew has the power to see and hear things happening far away. When Sherry dies, Drew is deeply affected and almost returns to his predatory ways in the hopes that reclaiming his emotionless vampiric life will make the pain of losing Sherry go away. When this doesn't work, he plans to kill himself by sunlight but is confronted by Dillan who, unaware that he is a vampire but sensing his pain, tells him that killing himself would only dishonor Sherry's memory.