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A late comer into the year at Mansbridge Academy, Dillan has a strong personality which may cause more harm than good. When she first arrives at Mansbridge, Dillan is suspected by Merrill Young to be possessed by the spirit of a legendary huntress named Diana Valmont who fell in love with a vampire long ago. According to legend, after the vampire killed her, she comes back in a human form every year on the day she was killed to slay vampires who seduce mortal women. Ironically, it turns out to be Sherry Woods who is possessed by the Huntress, not Dillan. She at first targets Drew to prevent him from killing Sherry, but Drew insists that he will not kill her because his love for her is pure. Afterwards, the Huntress releases Sherry, who then befriends Dillan who has become her and Mimi's roommate. After Sherry's death, it appears that Dillan will be the one to take her place as Drew's love interest. In the last episode, after supposedly having recovered from being bitten by Karl, as Dillan says good bye to the other students for the summer, her eyes momentarily turn red when she comes close to Mimi's neck, implying that she is not fully recovered and may be turning into a vampire after all. However, this is not explored further due to the cancellation of the series.