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Diana ValmontEdit

Spirit of a female hunter from medieval times; also known as The Huntress. According to legend, she fell in love with a vampire who then killed her. As a result, every year since her vengeful spirit returns to earth to possess a human girl to find and kill a male vampire to prevent him from killing human women. When Dillan Vanderson first comes to Mansbridge Academy one stormy night, she suspected by Merrill Young of being possessed by the spirit of Diana Valmont, and that Drew French is her next intended target to save Sherry Woods. Ironically, however it turns out to be Sherry herself who is possessed by Diana's spirit not Dillan, but Drew insists to Diana that he will not kill Sherry, because his love for her is pure. Somehow his sincerity gets through to Diana, because she lets go of Sherry and leaves her and Drew in peace. We are not told if her spirit is gone for good.


  • One reason Merrill suspected Dillan of being possessed by Diana's spirit was because like Dillan, Diana was said to have red hair.