A rookie undercover agent from Biomorphic Predatory Diseases Agency (BPDA). A charming and confident young man who can still pass as a teenager, he is sent by his superior Agent Marianne Hackett, despite his lack of experience, to enroll at Mansbridge Academy posing as a latecomer student. Damon's assignment is to discover whether or not there are vampires at the school, and as his boss has designated Malcolm Frye and Sherry Woods as the best possible leads in her investigation, he naturally starts with them. Damon succeeds in winning the confidence of Sherry and Malcolm, and even the vampire students, while observing him from their secret monitors, think he's harmless save for a suspicious Drew. At first, the other vampires dismiss his suspicions as jealous paranoia because of the attention the handsome new student is getting from Sherry, but eventually Drew, with Merrill's help, proves to the others that Damon is actually a BPDA agent. Instead of killing Damon and risk further unwanted attention, the vampires instead stage a gang-up, terrifying him into agreeing not to expose them to his agency. Dr. Murdoch exposes Damon afterwards, embarrassing Hackett into making a formal apology and dismissing the disgraced agent from duty. What happens to him afterwards is unknown.


  • Damon Grismer appears in Rats Ep.11, and his dismissal is reported in The Quivering Ep. 12.
  • Damon Grismer is actually his undercover name at Mansbridge; his real name is David Bruber.