Rogue vampire who lures Karl Todman to the dark side, endangering the Mansbridge Experiment and the life of Dillan Vanderson in the process.


Beautiful and dangerous, Bridget is a rogue vampire whose murderous activities have been considered serious enough by the Elders to declare her a security risk, and have made her an object of interest to the BPDA as well. She is captured by the Elders first, but manages to escape them - but only after they lock a special chain bracelet around her neck, which can only be removed by separating her head from her body, a move which would of course destroy her. Afterwards, with BPDA agents on her trail, she desperately seeks refuge at Mansbridge Academy, having sensed the presence of other vampires. When she infiltrates the school by way of the cellar, she walks into a trap set up by Dr. Murdoch, who immediately realizes from her neck chain bracelet that she is a refugee from the Elders. She is left in a cage while Murdoch goes to notify the Elders of her capture, but she manages to win over Karl, who is extremely depressed and vulnerable over his recent break-up with Essie. She convinces him to let her go and be her friend, only to use him to get access to Dillan, to whose blood she helps herself after encouraging Karl to take first bite. She then dumps him and escapes, leaving open the possibility of her betraying the Mansbridge Experiment either to the Fury or the BPDA. However, Vakaal later assures the students and Murdoch that the threat has been neutralized, indicating how by producing a bloody neck chain bracelet - Bridget's.