Surviving younger sister of Karl Todman who still attends his old high school Wrenfield High. When he was alive, Karl was very fond and protective of her, and on one occasion at Wrenfield he stapled Malcolm Frye to a tree because he wrongly thought his fellow student had improper intentions regarding his little sister. Amy was very fond of her brother as well, for almost a year after his "death" she was still grieving over him. When Amy learned of Malcolm's article on the internet reporting his sighting of her supposedly dead brother at Mansbridge Academy, she visited in the hope of contacting her brother's ghost. Moved, Karl at first attempted to reveal himself to Amy pretending to be his own ghost, but eventually realized that it was better to get her to believe that he was truly dead so that she could move on, which he did with the help of Marty and Essie.


Amy only appears in Little Sister Ep. 16.